[Update] DigiCon-23 @ Jeju / December 18 ~ 20, 2023


2023 International Conference on Digital Contents: AICoM(AI, IoT, Contents and Metaverse) Technologies
18 - 20 December 2023, Booyoung Jeju Hotel&Resort, Jeju, Korea
Hosted by Digital Contents Society (DCS)

2023 the International Conference on Digital Contents: AICoM(AI, IoT, Contents and Metaverse) Technologies (DigiCon-23) will be held in Jeju, Korea, December 18 ~ December 20, 2023.

Digital Contents become increasingly important not only in industry but also in our life. It is being used in entertainment, education, arts, and various cultural areas. Today, Creative Digital Content technologies with Smart Media, Arts, and Cultures areas lead to new world. Fortunately, Digital Contents: Smart media, Arts & Culture Technology is nowadays considered as a serious academic domain and the number of researchers studying these topics is rapidly increasing.

The DigiCon-23 international conference is an excellent opportunity to discuss and explore areas related to the [Digital Contents: AICoM(AI, IoT, Contents and Metaverse) Technologies] with fellow students, researchers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in all areas of Digital Contents Technology and its Applications.

The purpose of this conference is to bring together academic and industry researchers, designers and developers, etc., to address and advance the research and development issues related to digital contents.

The DigiCon-23 is the very next event, in a series of highly successful International Conference on Digital Contents: AICoM(AI, IoT, Contents and Metaverse) Technologies, previously held as  DigiCon-22 (Jeju, Korea, 2021), DigiCon-21 (Jeju, Korea, 2021), DigiCon-19 (Daegu, Korea, 2019), DigiCon-18(Jeju, Korea, 2018), DigiCon Workshop 2016 (Danang, Philippine, 2016), DigiCon Workshop 2015 (Seoul, Korea, 2015), DigiCon Workshop 2012 (Pyungchang, Korea, 2012).

Further information will be posted in this board and on the official website of the conference :

The conference are inviting new and unpublished papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Digital Contents

  • Digital Contents & Media Processing
  • Smart e-Learning, e-Commerce and Applications
  • Contents Business Platform
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Contents Security Issues

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Generative AI and Artificial General Intelligence
  • Applications using AI
  • Ethical Issues in AI applications


  • Metaverse Technology
  • Applications using Metaverse
  • Metaverse Security and Privacy

Arts & Culture Technology Convergence

  • Digital Arts, AR, VR Technology & Applications
  • Smart Culture Technology & Applications
  • Media Art and Media Facade

Smart Media

  • Smart TV, Social TV & Applications
  • Digital Audio, Video Technology & Applications
  • IoT communications & Its Security Issues

Mobile Technology

  • Mobile Computing and Network Technology
  • Mobile Security and Privacy
  • Mobile Devices

Applications Technology

  • Cloud Computing Technology
  • Smart IoT Technology and Applications
  • Emerging and Innovative Convergence Technology and Applications

Special Section :  Advanced Sensors

Section Chair : KuoYuan Hwa (National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan) 

This section is inviting new and unpublished papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Biomedical sensors
  • Sensor networks
  • Smart/intelligent sensors
  • Sensor technology and applications in agriculture, industry, and the environment
  • Optoelectronic and photonic sensors
  • Optomechanical sensors
  • Sensor arrays and Chemometrics
  • Micro- and nanosensors
  • Internet of Things
  • Advanced materials for sensing
  • AI-Enabled sensors
  • 3D sensing
  • Wearable sensors, devices, and electronics
  • Sensors and robotics


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