Invited Speaker

Keynote Speech :
DevOps pipeline - A new journal of Anthropology with Software

Mr. Guenjun Yoo

Solution architect&Technical Account manager for Sydney, Australia
The GitLab Inc.

Guenjun Yoo is a solution architect in GitLab. GitLab is the leading DevOps tool provider based on Git (DVCS). Prior to joining GitLab, he used to work in Perforce software as a solution engineer which is one of centralised version management tool company.
2018 ~ today: Solution architect&Technical Account manager in Gitlab.
2007 ~ 2018: Solution engineer in Perforce software.
2003 ~ 2007: Lead consultant and localisation specialist on CRM system in Kerridge software Australia.
2000 ~ 2003: Consultant and localisation specialist on CRM module on ERP system in Japan.
1997 ~ 2000: C/C++ Analyst/Programmer in Korea Automation systems.

Abstract of Geunjun Yoo's Talk

Software is everywhere and contributes a lot to our life to make it better. It wouldn’t be an overstatement even to say “We cannot live without software”. Although software is highly influencing our life, not many of us know about software in detail. Another interesting thing is that even if we do not know the details of software, we find no problem in using and living with software. In other words, software is a part of human society and the characteristic of software itself is similar to the characteristic of what we have; we don’t know the internal workings of every single person but we live together without any big issues.
Modern software evolution is very fast for human beings, so we feel a fear of getting left behind. From my experiences and study, this kind of evolution is not a first in human’s history. There were many revolutions in our history and most of them were triggered by technical innovation. In history, the most significant was the innovation of iron.
We normally divide history as two part in anthropology; prehistoric ages and historic ages. The key of this divide was the innovation of new iron tools and technologies. The computer science, or IT revolution can be seen analogous to the iron revolution of about 3000 years ago. Nowadays, there are many new technologies and therefore new terminologies coming up such as cloud, container, Kubernetes and DevOps. In particular, DevOps is getting popular as a new discipline of software development. DevOps evidently is not only a verbal or a documental regulation but a practical and an experimental practice. It is very similar to the appearance of Socrates in Greece and Confucius in China and the mass implementations of their philosophies in practice.

Anthropology is the study of humans, human behaviour and societies in the past and present. I would like to say that we must include software in the study of modern Anthropology. If needed, we must create a completely new stream of Software Anthropology and study this further.

I hope this is the starting point of a new study for the new era of software, and that this will eliminate the human fear of the consequences of the IT revolution.